Common Sense Nutrition

Common sense nutrition is the secret behind a healthy, strong, sexy and sound body and mind. Not a “magic pill”, a high protein, no-carb, low fat, no-fat diet. No, it is common sense nutrition, balanced with activity, work, play and rest that will yield the best results. More than simply what you are putting in your mouth, it is in your head, your hands and in your home.

Good Nutrition

“Plan your day, for fueling, for fitness, for recreational enjoyment and time for rejuvenating your self.”

You have heard the metaphor used many times: you love your car – or at least you appreciate its functional benefits. You keep fueling up as needed to keep it going no matter what the cost of gasoline, and you know that if you put in the wrong fuel into your tank, or a dreadfully poor grade, it is not going to run very well. If you continue the neglect by avoiding the necessary oil changes, lube jobs, fluid additions, air for the tires, regular removal of salt and mud, etc, your car is not going to run at its best, and may not run at all.

Your body is the most important vehicle you will ever have. This editorial is all about your body and why it is worthy of daily tender loving care. It is about the need to plan for that TLC in the midst of your ‘oh-so-busy’ day. In reality, you don’t have an option if you really want to do your best with all those other responsibilities you have chosen more important than taking care of yourself.

If you really are indispensable, with endless tasks that stand between you and caring for yourself, you need a reminder that taking care of yourself, the hot commodity that you

“Proper fueling will change the quality and vitality of your life and the best way to realize this is to begin to fuel yourself with the best and highest octane foods you can obtain. ”

Taking care of yourself with common sense nutrition can be simple and easy with a shift in your “I am too busy” attitude. If you would like to make it to the end of your life with the ability to coherently appreciate your importance, decide now that you will schedule time for yourself. This includes time for planning your day, for fueling, for fitness, for recreational enjoyment and time for rejuvenating your self.

When properly fueled, humans have incredible capacity and staying power. But if we have blood sugar levels jumping all over the place, insulin production impeded or impaired, indigestion and the numerous other maladies associated with poor nutrition, then we are unable to function well, and we are more susceptible to various illnesses. New research has shown numerous diseases are directly related to our poor dietary habits, food intolerance’s and the chemicals found in many of our foods.